Delayed Rejection Metropolis Light Transport

Damien Rioux-Lavoie, Joey Litalien, Adrien Gruson, Toshiya Hachisuka, and Derek Nowrouzezahrai


To showcase the benefits of our approach, we integrated our two-stage method into three algorithms: Primary Sample Space MLT (PSSMLT) [Kelemen et al. 2002], Multiplexed MLT (MMLT) [Hachisuka et al. 2014] and Hessian-Hamiltonian MLT (H2MC) [Li et al. 2015]. We report the L1, L2 and relative mean squared error (rMSE) of the average run for all scenes. We also include the acceptance map for our two-stage method.

Application I: Bold-then-Timid

Primary Sample Space MLT

Veach Door
Swimming Pool
Glass of Water

Multiplexed MLT

Veach Door
Hazy Staircase

Application II: Cheap-then-Expensive

Hessian-Hamiltonian MLT

Veach Door
Rough Torus